We supply software developed by others, mainly in North America and Europe. Whether you're buying for the first time or seeking updates, for commercial or educational purposes, you'll find our prices competitive. We'll match any price, and we often choose to absorb shipping costs.

Of course you can buy from other resellers, and in some cases directly from developers. But we offer experience and expertise to customers in Australasia (Australia and New Zealand) and Southeast Asia, in a time zone near you.

We generally have the right to resell products to customers in the Australasian region. If you are based elsewhere, please ask... and we will seek to serve you.

Unlike many resellers, we have real technical expertise and experience in the use of software to solve real problems. Our background includes teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate levels, scientific research and consulting to the mining and water industries. We plan to become more active in training.

We supply software for:

We encourage you to follow the links above, but just to name a few well-known products, we supply:

  • Visual MODFLOW Flex, Hydro GeoAnalyst and other products from Waterloo Hydrogeologic
  • MODFLOW-SURFACT and MODHMS from HydroGeoLogic
  • GeoStudio, including SEEP/W and SLOPE/W, from GEO-SLOPE
  • RockWorks and LogPlot from RockWare
  • The GMS/ WMS/SMS suite of products from EMS-I for modelling groundwater, catchment hydrology and surface hydraulics
  • Classics like Surfer and Grapher from Golden Software
  • Products distributed by the Scientific Software Group
  • And many others

Unlike most resellers, we are expert software developers ourselves, and can provide assistance with models and data, custom extension of models (e.g. developing plug-ins using FEFLOW's IFM, or Interface Manager), data management and real-time Internet-based access to interactive simulations.

Any supply of software is subject to our conditions of sale.

If you have any questions, please ask.

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