Data management

We supply software that you could otherwise purchase from organisations like Schlumberger Water Services (formerly Waterloo Hydrogeologic), and RockWare.

What do we mean by data management? We mean software that includes capabilities for storing, manipulating and in some cases visualising environmental and other data. Some software can also link to other modelling software.

Discounts are available for purchasing multiple copies, if the software is to be used for academic/research purposes, and in some case for purchase by government agencies.

Hydrogeology and Water Chemistry

Package Version Description More information Price
Hydro GeoAnalyst 2014 Hydro GeoAnalyst (HGA) is a comprehensive data management, visualisation, and reporting application designed for efficient management of groundwater and environmental data. With the HGA desktop solution you get the highest level of performance and a completely scalable solution to meet your groundwater project demands! Hydro GeoAnalyst is an all-in-one desktop concept that provides one-click access to many powerful features. Please ask $
AquaChem 2014.2 A broad, integrated geological data management, analysis, and visualisation tool. It contains a borehole data manager for easy entry of downhole data: observed lithology/stratigraphy contacts, geophysics or geochemistry measurements, water levels, fractures and deviated drill hole surveys. Please ask $
RockWorks 16 (Level 4) RockWorks 16 integrated geological visualization and analysis software developed to address the needs of those in the environmental, civil engineering and mining industries. A variety of easy-to-use graphical tools with advanced interpolation algorithms give users the ability to visualize geologic data. Please ask $
LogPlot 7 LogPlot 7 is a professional strip log plotting program for the environmental, groundwater, and mining industries. From shallow soil borings to deep mud logs, LogPlot 7 produces the valuable information you need for your project. Please ask $

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