Surface hydraulics and hydrodynamics

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How do we define hydraulics and hydrodynamics? Hydraulics and hydrodynamics differ from hydrological water balance modelling in that they also account for momentum and energy. Hydraulics is sometimes considered to be a simplification where variations in the vertical direction are ignored, and heads are represented by water surface elevations. You would need software for hydraulics or hydrodynamics if you're planning to simulate open water bodies such as lakes and estuaries, or the behaviour of flood plains during high flows.

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SMS (Surface-Water Modeling System) 11.2 Premium A pre-and post- processor for surface water modeling and design and includes 2D finite element, 2D finite difference, 3D finite element and 1D backwater modeling tools. The software supports a vast suite of software for riverine and coastal modelling. Riverine models are ADH, SRH, TUFLOW, TUFLOW AD Module, TUFLOW Multiple Domains Module, TUFLOW FV, HYDRO AS-2D, RiverFLO-2D and PTM. Coastal models are ADCIRC, CGWAVE, CMS Flow, CMS Wave, BOUSS-2D, STWAVE, GENCADE, WAM and PTM. Please ask $

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